Launchpad Business Development Manager, Jo Banks, explains why Strategic Partners are so important in guiding our start-ups as they start their entrepreneurial journey…

Starting your own business can be an exciting time; however, it can also be a daunting prospect, but having someone who’s been there, someone with extensive expertise or simply a network to bounce ideas off can be a huge help.

Thanks to Strategic Partners this is exactly what our entrepreneurial start-up teams receive.

Our Strategic Partners play an invaluable role in providing challenges to our teams – problems that need solutions or opportunities based on growing markets – it’s this challenge that gets our teams up and operating at speed.

Jo Banks
Jo Banks

Challenges are based upon an identified real-world need or market opportunity. By ensuring these opportunities are set by individual or a network of industry partners it’s possible to provide a high level ‘industry reference point’ for the teams throughout their first year as they develop customer-led solutions.

Challenges must be real, investible and have scalability to a significant market. Our September 2020 Strategic Partners have all put challenges on the table. They cover a diverse array of markets including construction tech (NMCN, Ward William Associates), narrative games (, Alzheimer’s Research UK), satellite imagery tech (Glas Data, Satellite Applications Catapult), facial recognition (TouchByte), the future of broadcasting (Codices and BBC) and marine tech (UK Hydrographic Office, TEVI and Fowey Harbour).

It’s now in the hands of our entrepreneurial teams to research the market opportunity and determine if they’ll focus on this for their future business idea.

We can’t wait to see what they settle on after they’ve validated the potential market opportunity… watch this space!

And thank you to all our Strategic Partners – past and present.