by Ananya Banerjee, Launchpad student

There is a wall in Penryn Campus which has hello written in different languages from around the world. Hello is a powerful word – especially when everything seems new, and you are starting somewhere. So, we, the tiny but mighty June ’21 cohort of Falmouth Launchpad are officially eager to say hello to the September cohort about to walk through the doors.

It has been about three months since most of us have been here – and the most reassuring and welcoming act done by Launchpad was letting the previous cohort welcome us into their world. Their help went beyond the official induction process and became more like a way of integrating us with the lifestyle that Cornwall has to offer. They made us a part of their world which helped us feel that we belonged – immediately.

We, the June ’21 cohort, are not as big as our predecessor. However, we have some mighty, spirited, and extremely talented entrepreneurs with years of experience in this industry. And we are eager to welcome into our world the next one.

Joanne Muhove from our cohort says: “What an exciting, challenging and rewarding choice you have made to join us. My advice is to be open, trust the process and go with your gut. There is no magic formula to success. You create it by being intentional every single day.”

Mike Morris added: “Launchpad is a fantastic opportunity to develop a business idea supported by experienced and talented experts who have been there and done it before. It’s one of the few incubators in the world that not only provides an academic framework for business development, access to business advisers but also access to funding and potential investors. Welcome and make the most of it whilst you are here.”

And I say – I hope you bring your energy and sense of adventure with you as you will need it, not only while coming up with brilliant ideas, but also for your induction activities!