Michael Calver, Christopher Smith and Alex Caruso joined Launchpad in September 2020 with a shared passion for emerging technologies and entrepreneurship.

With collective team experience in digital twins, 3D computer graphics, virtual reality and software design, a match with Launchpad Strategic Partner NMCN Plc (a large scale civil construction company) was an obvious one.

John Williams, Design Manager at NMCN, explained: “I believe that there’s scope in the construction engineering sector for the use of game engine technology to develop new solutions to add value. Current software in the sector has not kept up with recent advances in game engine simulation and real-time performance. This is a great opportunity for new thinking and technology that creates innovation and efficiency benefits to the sector.”

(l-r) Christopher Smith, Alex Caruso and Michael Calver

The Launchpad team have validated this market opportunity in their first few months on the programme and are focusing their start-up journey on an industry solution that will support the design, build and management of the built environment.

The team explained: “We’re building technologies that will improve the design, construction and management of the world around us. Underpinning this ambition is a shared vision of the emerging digital twins market, which we intend to find our place within.

“We are aiming to democratise many of the technologies that are best placed to support the design, build and management of the world around us. These technologies include, but are not limited to advanced visualisation and extended reality (XR). By enabling more people to access these technologies, we aim to improve the processes already used by industry experts, whilst empowering those not currently involved in the design process to provide meaningful feedback and actionable insights. Further to this, and building upon our vision of digital twins, we aim to provide our users with the data-driven information necessary to support a sustainable, inclusive, safe and secure built environment that also fosters comfort and wellbeing.”

The team is currently in the process of building their prototype product and are on the look-out for architects, designers and asset managers/operators who would be keen to try out and provide feedback on their cutting-edge technology. If you’d like to get in touch contact them via email on mc252722@falmouth.ac.uk