Blockchain, non-fungible tokens and crypto-currency are all words you might associate with just finance or in some cases a world that just doesn’t make any sense to you – and how can any of this possibly relate to art?

But Metamorfiq a tech-business born out of Launchpad is bringing art, finance and tech together in a platform designed to make purchasing digital art possible, for everyone, not just investors.

Founded by Serena Rosaria, who joined Launchpad last year and whose expertise covers fine art, design, audience research and material culture. The platform provides a new and accessible route to market for artists in all mediums to exploit what is often a misunderstood industry, creating a new revenue stream that is independent of the traditional gallery route.

The company is in its early formation, visit their alpha release website to find out more and sign up to their mailing lists to be the first to hear about auction events and opportunities to buy unique digital art.