MeatFreed, a Launchpad early-stage start-up, has been selected as a finalist in this year’s DTG TV Transformers Showcase.

Founded by Patrick Huang and Mike Morris, MeatFreed is a digital platform for hyper-local audiences who are passionate about plant-based eating. Bringing together people, restaurants, brands and chefs, MeatFreed is creating a fully immersive experience through user-generated content, curated content and community.

Patrick and Mike will pitch against seven other new business models at the virtual showcase on Thursday 30 September.

Mike said: “We’re delighted to be shortlisted for the DTG TV Transformers showcase. We’re a very early stage start-up and being selected is great endorsement for the potential of our business. Universal access to the internet is creating fundamental changes to the traditional advertiser-funded TV business model. Passive viewers are no longer relevant for brands and advertisers; engagement is the new “eyeballs” and Gen Z are at an even greater premium than before. MeatFreed offers a new approach for advertisers by creating hyper-local, passion-led opportunities to engage with Gen Z consumers.

“Since MeatFreed is quite young, we are encouraged by our shortlist for the DTG TV Transformers showcase and their alignment with how we see the transition in the TV industry. We’re excited to share our vision to revolutionise how to generate deep engagement with a passionate community, not just a passive audience, that translates into deeper value for everyone involved.”

Patrick added: “Although we started only this summer, we are excited to share our traction and our plan for the next 12 months. In only two weeks, we have achieved close to 400 members who receive benefits to choose plant-based from our 30 partner restaurants and 60 plant-based brands. By participating in this showcase, we aim to increase our exposure as we start connecting with strategic partners and funders to achieve our ambitious expansion across the UK in the next two years.”

The DTG TV Transformers Showcase celebrates the best and the brightest innovation from across the TV sector.