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Team Profile: Ramble

According to a Harvard Business School Study, 75%of venture-backed start-ups fail. Here in the UK, the numbers are slightly better, ...
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Plotty – Soil, Tech and Millenial Gardening

The climate is changing, we need to adapt and millennials know it. More people in the UK under 40 are ...
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Team Profile: Polargryph

Many of the world’s most successful businesses have worked when the right people come together – often by chance. Facebook, ...
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Moonshine Studios announce Get Packed – exclusively on Google Stadia, 2020.

Moonshine Studios, who were formed by the Launchpad programme two years ago, yesterday announced their first title, Get Packed, with ...
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Team Profile: Joining Creativity and Data

The first minute of the animated short film, Strings, is crammed full of information. You see a healthy neighbourhood, stairs ...
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Creative England CE50 logo

Codices named in Creative England CE50

We are pleased to announce that Codices have been recognised in the CE50 for 2019 from Creative England. As Caroline ...
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QuizKit Launches in South Korea

9th May, 2019, Goyang, South Korea: Codices Interactive has launched their interactive game show app QuizKit in South Korea, during ...
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In depth: building game-shows for the crowd

In 1982, Allan Gibb and John Ritchie wrote that entrepreneurs were ‘born not made’. It was not a unique idea ...
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In depth: driving agricultural efficiency with data

Working the soil, rearing cattle and dairy cows have always carried their share of uncertainty. Recently, farms in the UK ...
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