Launchpad students George Fry, Jake de Buriatte Moglia and Gianluca Frisina are tackling diabetes – a silent pandemic – head on with their mindfulness mobile app.

All three have personal experience of diabetes; George was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of 25 and endured diabetes burnout while juggling a business venture, while Jake and Gianluca have seen the impact of diabetes on their families. Motivated by their own experiences dealing with diabetes, they have developed Neap.

(l-r) Jake de Buriatte Moglia, George Fry and Gianluca Frisina from Neap

Focusing on ‘mindful diabetes management’, Neap aims to connect people with diabetes and allows them to improve their relationship with the condition. More than 300 peer support groups for people with diabetes were interrupted during the coronavirus recent pandemic. The trio’s ambition is to make peer support available anytime, anywhere.

George explained how the idea for the app came about: “After being diagnosed, I had a two hour crash course teaching me how to inject insulin and check blood sugars every time I ate for the rest of my life. Having a community of other people with diabetes to speak to and support me emotionally during this time would have been invaluable”

Jake added: “Launchpad has been a fantastic opportunity to work on a technology start-up. Cornwall has an amazing quality of life, and living in such a beautiful landscape has helped fuel our ambitions to make a positive impact on society.”

Jo Banks, Business Development Manager, explained how Neap were inspired by their Launchpad matched Strategic Partners, Active Cornwall and the Royal Cornwall Hospital Trust (RCHT), how the two challenges set by these partners related to health and helped them to identify what has become their business opportunity: “As per our Launchpad methodology, Neap researched both areas of health related market opportunity to determine the scale of the issues, the size of the potential markets, the competitive landscape and the viability of creating solutions.

“This research became the springboard for identifying that diabetes is a major health issue and that the available digital support solutions available today do not meet the needs of those people needing to track, monitor and support change. The catalyst for Launchpad businesses is the relationship they have with our Strategic Partners. And that is how Neap started.”

The team joined Launchpad in January 2020 and are currently running a closed beta in anticipation of the launch of their industry-disrupting app. For more information visit the Neap website.