Launchpad start-up, Purpose 3D, is working with the Museum of Cornish Life in Helston to digitise it’s exhibits.

Founded by Amy Hardman, Adam Tindall and Kerry Scane, the company specialises in the 3D digitisation of vintage and historical clothing; using photogrammetry to capture the items and 3D modelling technology to transform them into authentic and interactive models. The outcome is to display a museum archive in a modern visual way, giving museums that much needed virtual experience and in turn enhancing the visitor experience.

Amy explained: “We’re working with the museum to digitise some of the amazing artifacts that hardly ever get to see anything but the inside of a box. Each item of clothing has a story to tell, be it a war uniform, a pair of mining trousers, a Victorian maternity dress or a flora day dress. This project will allow us to share the collection with an entirely new audience.

“With three formats – games ready plug and play solution, fashion annotated and hi-res – we feel like we can breathe a whole new lease of life into these clothes as well as bring their stories to life.”

Watch this video to find out more about the partnership.