My Journey to Lift-off!

By 19th November 2020No Comments

by Amanda Noble-Simmons, Launchpad student

Amanda Noble-Simmons

It typically takes the NASA Shuttle six hours to reach the launchpad at Kennedy Space Centre. I feel my ‘lift-off’ may take a little longer.

Two years ago, I came to Falmouth University with my daughter to view the facilities, with a view to her attending the following year. Little did I know at that time that it would be me attending.

I looked over the Falmouth University website thoroughly and came across the Launchpad programme. As an established woman in business, it piqued my interest, because despite three failed attempts to launch a long-term viable business, I always saw myself as an entrepreneur. Call it a side hustler, or whatever you like, but I have had idea after idea, after idea. Some of which have done really well. But I saw the 2020 pandemic and my husband’s redundancy as the ideal opportunity. He could take over my business whilst I went to Launchpad to do my Masters and create a new scalable business.

I was on the September 2020 cohort. And as a mature student I really did not know what to expect. But I approached it with 100% commitment and energy, moving to Falmouth and leaving my husband and four kids at home! Don’t worry, I didn’t abandon them, I still aimed to see them every two weeks.

My first day was daunting, especially as we had to introduce ourselves in front of everybody, but we soon settled into the routine of Launchpad life, despite social distancing and mask wearing!

I’m two months in now, and excited about what the future will bring and what business myself and my team can ‘liftoff’ in 2021!