Moonshine Studios, who were formed by the Launchpad programme two years ago, yesterday announced their first title, Get Packed, with their publisher Coatsink, exclusively on Stadia.

Nick Dixon, Head of the Launchpad programme, said, “It’s fantastic to see one of our Launchpad companies achieve such success at an early stage. The games industry is an extremely tough one to crack. For a graduate company to enjoy the spotlight of a significant launch platform exclusive at the biggest games trade show on the planet with their debut title is incredible! We are very proud of what they’ve achieved with their unique, funny and engaging first title; we cannot wait to see what future they build for themselves as a Cornish company on the global stage. Launchpad provides an environment in which those who have extraordinary drive, vision, creativity and resilience can flourish. Their success, as with the success of our other Launchpad companies, demonstrates just how well our unique environment and method of incubation works.”

Official Announcement Trailer for Get Packed by Moonshine Studios

Marcus Gardner, one of the co-founders of Moonshine Studios, said, “The Launchpad programme opened a gateway into the games industry, allowing me to change my career path towards a great passion of mine. A career in the games industry is notoriously difficult to pursue, especially without any experience, however, this programme allowed me to get my foot in the door. “

If you would like to know more about the Moonshine Studios journey, or how you could join Launchpad, please get in touch.