MSc in Entrepreneurship
As part of the Falmouth University School of Entrepreneurship, study for a post-graduate qualification that provides all the critical thinking you need to establish a high value, high growth business.

Launch a new digital business while studying for an MSc in Entrepreneurship with no attached fees. Learn about markets, customers, investors and how a business works, while growing a start-up.

What we’re looking for

If you’re an ambitious, optimistic and driven tech entrepreneur and think you’ve got what it takes to grow a successful business with us, then now is your chance. You’ll need to be an EU citizen and hold a 2:1 degree or higher in a relevant skillset, whilst equivalent industry experience is also welcomed.

What you’ll learn

Our expert coaches and academic staff will be on hand to give you information tailored to your business:

  • Business knowledge and application Apply relevant business and management knowledge, including finance, sales & marketing and project management, in creating a new innovative investable business.
  • Creativity and innovation Analyse, evaluate and apply creative concepts and be able to solve complex problems using imaginative and creative processes.
  • Critical evaluation Critically evaluate information, business contexts and working methods.
  • Project management and leadership Use reflective practice to analyse a range of contemporary project management techniques and demonstrate leadership.
  • Communication and interpersonal skills Analyse, develop and apply communication strategies across media appropriate to context and exercise critical self-awareness in team working.
  • Research Conduct, evaluate and apply research into contemporary issues and practices in business and management.

How you will learn

  • Assessment
    You will be required to complete a series of academic assessments all of which will directly apply to your business: this includes market research, a project plan and a business plan. You will also apply critical thinking on how your business should run.
  • Dedicated Launchpad Resources
    Launchpad has its own dedicated academic and business development (business, investment and tech) staff to support delivery of the programme. Lectures and study sessions are held on the Penryn Campus. You will have full access to the wider University academic support resources. We also link with other academic departments (such as the School of Communication Design, Games Academy) to support business development as needed.

Added benefits

  • Receive a tax-free stipend of £16,000 during the first year.
  • Get hands on experience of working with leading businesses while creating products investors want to back.
  • Learn about entrepreneurship, business governance, management and negotiation.
  • Become a founding director of a high-growth start-up with a full master’s degree
  • Work with experienced coaches and mentors to support your business
  • Guest lectures from business leaders

MSc in Entrepreneurship

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