Amy Hardman

Amy Hardman, co-founder of Launchpad start-up Purpose 3D, shares her experience on the programme with this insightful A to Z.

A – Academics: With half of the course being focused on the academics, it has played a big part in my Launchpad experience. The academics have given guidance to the business and what we have learned as part of the Masters has helped to build our business up.

B – Business: The other half of Launchpad is all to do with starting a business. This will never be an easy job but one of the most rewarding things is being able to incorporate the business you have worked so hard on over the year.

C – Challenging: Launchpad has challenged me in many ways that I didn’t think it would, but with many challenges comes success and one step closer to achieving a functioning business.

D – Demanding: The Launchpad programme is demanding in what it asks of you but with hard work and persistence these demands can be met.

E – Environment: The environment that you are welcomed into is one full of support and positivity, along with having one of the most amazing open office environments, and then the beautiful environments of Falmouth and Cornwall.

F – Fun: While there is always plenty of hard work to be done, the overall feel of the journey that you go through is fun. There is always laughter and the challenges that you face often are the source of fun.

G – Grants: Learning how to write grant applications is one of the most challenging things that I have had to do on my launchpad journey but it is an absolutely integral part of any business!

H – Help: There is always help on hand to assist with any issues that may arise!

I – Innovative: With there being so many different teams focusing on many different areas, there are always new and innovative ideas being thrown around!

J – Jokes: There is a great amount of laughter and jokes being thrown around in the studio. If you don’t make jokes out of things then it makes the journey far less interesting!

K – Knowledge: Personally, my wealth of knowledge and experience has grown massively through being a part of Launchpad, along with my knowledge of new ideas and industries!

L – Launchpad: Launchpad is now a part of my journey and company, along with being a massive support system for all.

M – Mannequins: My business revolves around mannequins and learning how to dress, handle and model clothing!

N – No Rest: There is not a moment of the day where I am not doing something, but it makes the journey far more exciting!

O – Open Minded: One of the first lessons I learned at Launchpad was to be open minded to new ideas, new people and new industries. Being open minded is the most important thing you can be on Launchpad!

P – Purpose 3D: The company that I am very proud to have co-founded! We specialise in the 3D modelling of vintage and historical clothing, that can then be plugged straight into games, are a friend to museums and has changed the syllabus in the Fashion & Textiles Institute here at Falmouth!

Q – Quote: Before embarking on Launchpad, I had never had to ‘quote’ anyone for anything! Such a learning curve for me personally on how we can value ourselves and our services.

R – Reports: I don’t think I have ever written as many reports as I did in my incubation year. On the plus side, I know exactly what I am doing now!

S – Sales: The very thing that drives the business! And trust me, the first sale you make is the most exciting thing you will ever experience and is one of my proudest moments to date!

T – Term: Every term is different, dealing with the ebbs and flows that three terms can throw at you is one something I learned to take day by day.

U – University: Being part of the Falmouth University name is something that I have enjoyed, and taking a part of being a student is something that has added to my overall Launchpad experience.

V – Vintage: With my business being firmly rooted in the vintage industry, I have learnt to appreciate the world of fashion and vintage clothing – something I never expected to work in.

W – Websites: One of the most exciting skills I have learned on Launchpad is how to develop a website and work with some talented people to get it looking exactly as we wanted!

X – X-rays: My personal Launchpad experience has come with many x-rays…I wish no one else’s Launchpad experience to have to include those!

Y – Yoga: Part of our team bonding included doing team yoga on a Tuesday afternoon. Team building is something that is key to having a solid business, do whatever works for you!

Z – Zoom: With coronavirus taking over towards the end of my Launchpad experience, we learned to utilise Zoom and have had some of our most successful meetings on the platform!