We’re delighted to host TECwomen Connect on Tuesday 12 October – an inaugural event celebrating the achievements of women working in Cornwall’s tech sector.

The event is a chance for women in Cornwall who work in the industry to get together to network, inspire and support each other with the first ‘Connect’ evening on Ada Lovelace Day, in a celebration of the scientific discoveries women have contributed to the STEM space across the decades.

Caitlin Gould, co-founder of TECgirls, said: “It’s well known there is a lack of women in STEM industries and we wanted to create a place where women could come together to meet, share ideas, and support one another.

“We felt Ada Lovelace Day was the perfect time to launch this series of events. TECwomen is a natural expansion for the TECgirls team as most of our volunteers and founders are women working in STEM related roles. It started with profiles on our blog, expanding into events and eventually a platform for women. By creating events and sharing women’s stories, we hope to support women in Cornwall as they continue to thrive and grow in their careers.”

The free event will be an opportunity to strengthen connections between women working in technology, and share initiatives and ideas that will help each other and the wider Cornwall community, including updates on local projects supporting women and girls in Cornwall, pitches from women working on new start-ups and opportunities on training and funding available in Cornwall for digital skills.

Corin Mynett, founder of Kevri, a Launchpad start-up, who will be speaking at the event added: “Women are collaborative, empathetic and agile, all of which are characteristics of great innovators. Since co-founding Kevri, an all-female EdTech start-up, I have realised that there are growing opportunities for women in tech. However, we must continue to push the need for balance within the industry if we are to use technology to solve the world’s biggest challenges.”

The event takes place in the Launchpad studio on Tuesday 12 October from 5.30pm, tickets via Eventbrite – www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/tecwomen-connect-tickets-179815301407