Aaron Thomas, Product Director at Launchpad start-up Arrivederci Me, tells us why it’s important to keep check of your digital footprint…

At Arrivederci Me we’re exploring how people can better manage their digital footprint. It’s a sensitive issue and not one that we tend to find ourselves thinking about but in today’s digital age it is important to consider how family members can find out the entirety of, and get access to, your digital estate when you die.

Our web app is currently in production but here are some quick tips to help you start thinking about this issue.

  1. Facebook now offers a couple of useful services. Firstly, you can now set up a legacy contact who can manage your account if something happens to you, or you can ‘memorialise’ your account; enabling friends and family to gather and share memories.
  2. Google offers a clear service called, Inactive Account Manager, this enables you to decide when your inactive Google account should be deleted and choose who to notify and what to share.
  3. What about finding lost pensions? It’s more likely now that you’ll work for a number of different employers during your career, and this means that you may build up a number of different pension plans. Check out the UK Government’s Pension Tracing Service to find out if you’re missing any.

Visit the Arrivederci Me website to find out more about our legacy web tools.