Carl Ind, Emily Clay and Samuel Clay joined Launchpad in January 2020 sharing an ambition to bring a fresh and artistic approach to making games. With experience in games design and programming, they formed game development start-up Studio Lamprey.

The trio accepted an industry challenge by an established indie games publisher, which we can’t currently name as they are working under an NDA, but they have high hopes for what the future holds.

Samuel explained: “We’ve got some exciting ideas that challenge what people might expect from a typical video game today, we’re experimenting and, hopefully if things go well, we can talk about it soon.

“At its core though, the game is a response to a trend of overly long and uninteresting games that focus on vast amounts of unexciting content over a memorable experience. We want to craft a game by hand and avoid boring computer-generated content and repetitive gameplay. The game won’t be long but hopefully it will be memorable and different from other games out there.”

The team have been inspired by Cornish and Celtic mythology and are bringing cryptic puzzles and potion crafting to their 2D action platformer game, which sees the protagonist trying to outsmart witches to survive.

Emily said: “We’ve just got the visuals to a point that we are happy with, so the next step is to refine a basic gameplay demo and get people testing it. After that, it’s all about getting the game seen on social media, so we have a better chance while looking for publisher support. We’ve seen a great response online already, which has been one of the most encouraging parts of the process so far.”

Carl added: “At the launchpad we have been given an opportunity to focus on, while also building a good foundation of business knowledge that will be vital as the studio grows into a profitable company.”

The team are hoping to release the game in the next year. Watch this space, we’ll be posting more about Studio Lamprey’s developments when we can!

Visit the Studio Lamprey website to find out more about the team.