Law firm Stephens Scown kick-started Launchpad start-up Arrivederci Me’s business journey by identify the market gap of digital innovations in the legal sector related to the management of digital estates.

Having already innovated within the company – they were the first large law firm in the UK to give all eligible members of staff an equal share in its profits – Stephens Scown were keen to tap into Launchpad expertise.

One key issue that they identified was regarding how individuals can find out the entirety of, and get access to, a deceased’s digital legacy or estate.

Stephen Parker, Ola Oswiecinska and Aaron Thomas, who joined Launchpad in January 2020 and make up Arrivederci Me, have been exploring the challenge.

We recently caught up with Stephens Scown and Arrivederci Me to find out more about the partnership.

Robert Camp, Director of Strategic Innovation from Stephens Scown explained: “Today significant amounts of our everyday lives are undertaken and stored digitally from social media accounts and photos to pensions and investments. It can sometimes be very difficult to get access to all these digital assets following the death of a family member and we’re interested in how we can make this process easier.”  

Stephen from Arrivederci Me said: “This challenge really excited us. From our initial research it became obvious that there was a clear gap in the market, not just relating to helping customers storing details of their online footprint, but also enabling access to their devices and ensuring bank accounts, investments and pensions aren’t mislaid when the family need to find them.”

Stephens Scown have provided regular contact to the team discussing their research, extending their network of contacts and critiquing their direction of travel. 

By month four the team had become Arrivederci Me and had started to demonstrate some traction with their opportunity after reaching out and speaking to stakeholders and potential customers. During the summer they completed their ideation phase and started product development.

Stephen added: “We’ve benefitted from the professional knowledge of this sometimes-complex legal area with regular discussions with the team at Stephens Scown, helping to guide us as we develop a product that is fit for purpose in this industry.”

Arrivederci Me have released a Chrome web extension which helps users automatically manage a record of their online footprint and the first phase development of their web application is in progress with local developers Gendall. They will incorporate the business as the next stage of development continues with the first version of the web app expected to be released around March 2021.