Launchpad Companies
We work with talented and ambitious individuals to create market-changing digital start-ups. Find out more about the Launchpad companies that are creating solutions to change the world.

Currently in Incubation

  • Glas Data are data-driving farm productivity through an easy-to-use data collection and benchmarking platform targeted for use in the field.


    The future of live broadcast entertainment is live user interaction. Codices are building the platform that democratises the creation and delivery of focussed, mass user, interactive experiences.


  • Evnia – Worldwide, only 13% of employees are engaged, yet Employee Engagement is one of the top three contributing factors to driving performance. Our tools will create a productivity revolution in companies built around non-desk-workers, by allowing those typically at the bottom of the pile to continuously engage in improving workplace effectiveness for everyone’s benefit.

  • Moonshine Studios Logo

    Moonshine Studios is a new games studio with a very special first product; a fast-paced game which encourages fun, communication and teamwork between friends and families.

  • Fictive is an interactive drama studio working on a brief from a high-profile broadcasting company to adapt an internationally renowned broadcast title in a new format. With a highly original new game mechanic, we are set to disrupt the market for storytelling games and drive innovation across the piece.

Now in Acceleration

  • Understanding the changing needs of your customers is key to driving your business forward. It’s now easier than ever to find out the exact wants and needs of your customers. We offer businesses an affordable, scalable and highly accurate set of tools that allow you to isolate the feedback that matters the most.