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Currently in Acceleration

  • Understanding the changing needs of your customers is key to driving your business forward. It’s now easier than ever to find out the exact wants and needs of your customers. We offer businesses an affordable, scalable and highly accurate set of tools that allow you to isolate the feedback that matters the most.

  • Glas Data are data-driving farm productivity through an easy-to-use data collection and benchmarking platform targeted for use in the field.

  • Codices are developing tools for online broadcasters to make, manage and monetise live interactive gameshows.

  • Moonshine Studios Logo

    Moonshine Studios is a new games studio with a very special first product; a fast-paced game which encourages fun, communication and teamwork between friends and families. Get Packed was announced this year as one of the first games available on Google Stadia.

  • Data Duopoly Logo

    Data Duopoly solve the issue of congestion and frustrations experienced by visitors by offering personalised incentives to discover and navigate venues. The attraction benefits by data insights, and the visitor with a gamified experience.

  • Seefood is a food inventory management app, helping people eat healthily, save money and reduce their food waste. Within the UK, over two thirds of food waste occurs within the household. We aim to help reduce this problem by making food management easier and incentivise users to eat the food that they have.

  • Polargryph is a new game studio formed in Cornwall, we create games with unique stories that have challenging and engaging gameplay.

  • Unorthobox Logo

    Unorthobox is a games company that strives to think out the box, we want to focus on creating unique and innovative experiences that stand out from the heavily saturated video games on offer today.

  • Burnthouse Games Logo

    Burnthouse is an agile team of three Games Developers and one Business and Social Media Expert, based in Cornwall.

  • Mooncat Studiois want to re-imagine the way that players interact with video games, and create brand new social gaming experiences that will bring people together.

  • Waving Bear Studio Logo

    Waving Bear Studio is an indie game studio working on their first title, a fun cooperative game suitable for all ages.

  • Robot Noodles Logo

    Robot Noodles is a game studio that strives to create compelling experiences by innovating on art style and storytelling.

  • Eightfinity Solutions’ mission is to provide effective, efficient and most of all meaningful communication solutions.

    Our vision is to equip people with the tools that will help them to overcome any communication barriers, which prevent the individual from engaging in collaboration and innovation with others in the digital age.

  • Bringing social interactivity to the podcasting world by making an audio focused social media platform based on engaging discussion between podcasters and fans.

  • Our company develops high quality video game adaptions of existing and famous intellectual properties. The company’s ethos is to include fans in the development process to create the best possible experience for the players.

  • Regenerating, conserving and diversifying seed stocks through an online cooperative seedbank. Our Beta is live, create a profile and start swapping at

  • An app which will make decision-making seamless, fresh and fun. Providing you with destination inspiration.
  • Money Story is a financial wellbeing technology company. Less of a ‘Fintech’ and more of a Fintech-Enabled wellbeing company, our app is designed using human cognition principles and elements of gamification built to bring our users to a place of optimism and confidence concerning their finances thereby supporting them to develop positive decision making habits.

  • Where does history live? A museum exhibit? A photo album? … Your social media?
    We release YOUR history into the world and connect OUR history around one word. People.
    We are reconnecting people & place.
    We are re imagining social history & society.

  • An Innovative Games Studio working on our first title, There be Dragons. A side scrolling hunting simulator

  • Legion 19

  • Wirehead Games is an up and coming indie studio, with a strong focus on create new and niche titles for the indie market. Currently working on our first title, Raid Night.

  • Assemble to build the leading esports community

    Together you can reach the next level

  • Utilising 3D and AR technology, our ecommerce solution can revolutionise online shopping. Lightplace strives to offer cost effective solutions to lighting manufacturers around the UK, reducing returns and giving customers a new way to shop.

  • A team of creative individuals who are developing engaging and engrossing open world gameplay with innovative graphics and narrative.

Now in Incubation

  • We connect sustainable construction projects with vetted workers, faster and more effectively than traditional recruitment solutions.

  • Supporting all Gamers, Creators, Developers, Artists & all round Oh-Wise-Ones of all things GAMES! Launching 2020

  • Take multiple clips from long-form video and effortlessly share across social media. clipshare is a highly intuitive cloud-based video editing and distribution SaaS product.

  • An indie games company made up of five like-minded and enthusiastic individuals. We are currently working on a title which pairs rogue-lite elements with survival-horror to be released on console and PC. We are striving to construct a believable and compelling world, set deep in the aftermath of a global undead outbreak, punctuated by morally grey decisions.

  • We believe in single-player, narrative-focused games with great emotional impact. We want to craft compelling and emotionally engaging experiences for people who want to evolve the boundaries of what video games can be.
  • Find Park Pay – The Turn up, Pay! and walk away cashless payment solution for independent private car parks
  • Purpose 3D are producing the world’s largest collection of 3D models of Vintage and Historical clothing fit for commercial purpose and digital download
  • There is a growing demand for commercial kitchens to monitor food waste more accurately to manage their impact on the environment and save money. GreenKode is replacing the old labour system with a new digital solution to manage food waste.

  • Planning Re-imagined
  • And …

    Nine other teams that are still to decide branding.