by James Murray, Head of the Launchpad Programme.

You won’t wake up one morning, magically able to run a company. Patience, time and experiences all play a role in your journey.

You will develop an attitude. A mindset.

Your first business that fails; conversations with interesting people; podcasts you listen to and books you read; chance meeting of a friend; all-nighters; nights out; days out; the song that inspired you; the holiday you took; the injury you copped. These experiences all culminate to your unique definition of your context and your approach: a different perception of a problem.

Your courage to overcome challenges and still thrive defines your resilience and self-reliance. You are tough and perceptive. You are open-minded and fair. You question, but you listen more. You respect. You navigate dilemmas. You see the big picture. You grasp the detail. You ideate. You create.

You change the rules of play, because the game is broken. You see a new norm. You are agile in plans yet focused on objectives. You have passion for your work, and it shows at every pitch, every conversation and every opportunity. You sell the dream, not the product. You go big, and you won’t go home.

You sacrifice for the big play. You are happy to walk away. You pivot. You lead. You inspire. You build strong teams. You execute on your plans. You are decisive and reliable.

You gain these attitudes experiencing as much as you can. Deeply or widely. Teams will crisscross these traits and cover each other’s blind-spots. Not to mention have fun as a unit.

The mindsets you and your team bring to the business also become it: it’s voice; culture and approach.