Cornish Start-up Wins Place on European Accelerator Programme

Launchpad start-up Green+Kode are one of just 50 start-ups from over 400 applications to be accepted onto the Data Market Services (DMS) Accelerator programme.

Colin Higgs

The DMS Accelerator programme aims to offer support and services to start-ups and SMEs that are located within Europe. Those accepted onto the programme can benefit from meeting investors and mentors as well as opportunities to expand knowledge and develop business plans.

James Tang and Colin Higgs are the Co-founders of Green+Kode. Their aim is to see behavioural change within the hospitality and food service sector that contributes towards a more profitable and sustainable business.

James Tang

Colin said: “This is a great opportunity to get mentorship in data and IP protection and help with R&D grant applications and fundraising – we see all of these areas as being central to our business development.”

James added: “We’re looking forward to receiving mentorship and support from DMS Accelerator. We want to make the most of this opportunity to help us get to our next milestone.”

The programme, which includes mentoring, boot camps, webinars and access to entrepreneurial ecosystems, expert content and promotion, starts next month and runs until November 2021.