15 Things I Wish I Had Known When I Started Out In Business

By 30th October 2020November 19th, 2020No Comments

by Sam Perkin, Lecturer on the business programmes at Falmouth University

Sam Perkin
  1. I know and love finance, I have that covered but I hate sales, and I know I can’t sell, or enjoy networking, but I can talk one-on-one with a client and they trust me – know you own weaknesses.
  2. People – people you thought you could trust don’t always deserve it. Trust your gut instinct, and spend time listening to it, it knows better than anyone!
  3. Image – some people do judge you and your business on your clothes or car, they are not loyal customers.
  4. Listen to the professionals and other people who have been there, then remember they are not on your journey and make your decisions.
  5. A smile will always make everyone’s world better, try sharing them even if you don’t feel like it, they help.
  6. Some lovely people you meet in the business community are butterflies, let them fly away they can’t help you long term, but enjoy their beauty while they are there!
  7. Use as many computerised processes as possible, preferably cloud based, your head can only hold so much information.
  8. Create a calm and ordered workspace, your work will be like your desk, so look after your desk and never leave it untidy.
  9. Pens and calculators move overnight and sometimes run away, have spares and don’t worry, they are happy in their new home.
  10. At conferences both ends will ache, head and feet, take some extra self-care time.
  11. It’s not about how “busy” you are, it is about how “effective” you are.
  12. Weekends are not for work; you need the break in order to do the next week.
  13. Have a couple of short holidays a year, even if they are at home, No emails, no calls, no zoom. You will feel better and be better at your job.
  14. I have a mug that says “Tax is Sexy” – I need that mug!
  15. Hang on tight, you are in for a rollercoaster, love the ups and the downs, you will meet some amazing people who will change your world – go for it!