We fund your start-up journey

Launchpad forms elite teams to create high-tech, success driven start-ups that work alongside strategic partners to develop market led solutions.

  • £16k tax free
  • Masters in Entrepreneurship
  • Directorship of a High-Growth Startup

4 Steps to a Successful Graduate Start-up

01. Markets

Identify the market gaps within the industry

02. Team

Recruit talent to meet the market gaps

03. Pivot

Pivot to the market

04. Launch

Incorporate, accelerate and lift off

Strategic Partners

Find out why organisations like BBC, Amazon and Sony have partnered with Launchpad to work with the best graduates to develop market demand solutions to help them overcome real life business challenges.

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Become a Founder

Find out more about how to become a Launchpad Founder here. The application process is challenging, but that is because we are recruiting the best software engineers, digital creatives and entrepreneurs.

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Our Portfolio

Launchpad’s rigorous programme develops game-changing high growth start-ups that develop market demand solutions for businesses.

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